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Buy Afgooey Pre-Roll Pack UK
Buy Afgooey Pre-Roll Pack UK Online. A potent indica to help those with sleep issues or chronic pain.

Afgooey is sure to please with its relaxing, happiness-inducing effects. It provides a classic earthy, fresh pine flavor.
Dosing & Psychoactivity

0.15% CBD – 11.9% THC

Pure cannabis flower
This potent indica will be your best friend if you have trouble getting to sleep or suffer from chronic pain. With its classic earthy, fresh pine flavor, smooth finish, and relaxing, happiness-inducing effects, our Afgooey is sure to please.

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1 X Pack @ £29.00 = £29.00, 2 X Pack @ £27.55 = £55.10, 5 X Pack @ £26.10 = £130.50, 10 X Pack @ £24.65 = £246.50, 20 X Pack @ £23.20 = £464.00


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