Buy Dragon Tears Red Honey Oil UK


77.10% Cannabinoids!

72.90% THC!




Buy Dragon Tears Red Honey Oil UK
Buy Dragon Tears Red Honey Oil UK Online. This red honey oil is a three-way blend of three potent strains grown in Beautiful British Columbia. Pink Kush, Black Cherry Limeade and Original Glue (GG#4).
Dragon’s Tears are Nano-Filtered to produce a purer, finer honey oil. A favorite amongst those looking for relief from chronic pain and inflammation, arthritis, anxiety and stress, and insomnia.
This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 77.10% Cannabinoids!

This includes 72.90% THC!
This product has been determined to be 69% Indica.

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1 5ml @£145.00 £145.00, 2 5ml @£133.40 £266.80, 5 5ml @£116.00 £580.00, 10 5ml @£101.50 £1,015.00, 25 5ml @£84.10 £2,102.50


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