Queen-Sized Infused Pre-Rolled UK



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Queen-Sized Infused Pre-Rolled UK
Buy Queen-Sized Infused Pre-Rolled UK Online.  Takes the edge off and sends the body into a relaxed, yet vibrant body flow. Sexxpot Queen-Sized Infused Prerolls contain a sensual blend of CBD and THC flowers soaked in CBD-rich Cannabis Terpenes. Perfect for any evening when the desire is relaxation.
Dosing & Psychoactivity

3.21% CBD – 4.19% THC | 2.55% Terpenes
Additional Information:

Sexxpot Queen-Sized Prerolls are women-created, women-approved. Men engage…naturally.

Queen-Size means 3-4x the experience. A little goes a long way.

Our perfect blend of Cannabis CBD:THC and True Terps™ brings on the Entourage Effect, a rich, full-bodied experience.

We call it Awesomesauce!

When Quality Matters – You get the right roll, the right grind, the right effect.

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1 X Cone @ £25.00 = £25.00, 2 X Cone @ £24.25 = £48.50, 5 X Cone @ £23.25 = £116.25, 10 X Cone @ £22.00 = £220.00, 20 X Cone @ £18.75 = £375.00


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